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2014 Lexus IS-F is a Car for Real Drivers - Eastside Business Journal

2014 Lexus IS-F is a Car for Real Drivers

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2014-Lexus-IS-FI recently had the opportunity to drive a 2014 Lexus IS-F for a week and was extremely surprised.  Everything I had ever known about Lexus told me that they have always (since 1989) made super quiet luxury vehicles.  Simply getting behind the wheel of the IS-F and starting it up turned my whole Lexus world upside down.  The roar of the engine was something I had never heard from a Lexus before.  It was almost as if the IS-F was screaming “let’s get on the road and tear it up!” Before even driving this car, I could tell that it was very, very different from the other Lexus vehicles I have driven.  It had two-tone (red and black) sport, racing-type seats - in both the front and the back.  The speedometer goes up to 200 mph,

which I have never seen before in a production vehicle.  I later found out that the car actually can go up to 170 miles per hour, but if anybody is actually going to be driving this car that fast, it would be on a racetrack - and they probably would not be looking at the speedometer. 2014-Lexus-IS-F-dashWhat was really interesting to me is that the tachometer or rev-counter that shows rpms actually dwarfs the speedometer.  It’s almost like the speedometer was an afterthought, which makes sense, because this car was obviously built for people who really like to drive their cars - and to those kind of people, nothing matters more than rpms. The big highlight (and major selling point) of the IS-F is it’s 5.0 liter DOHC, 32 valve V8 motor that provides 416 horsepower and 371 lb-ft of torque.  This is a super powerful engine that makes you feel like you could drive the car straight up the side of a skyscraper and take off from the roof.  The engine shifts through an 8 speed sport direct shift transmission which will shift automatically, or for those who really like to get the feel of shifting, it can be shifted by the manual mode on the gear shift or by using the paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel.  The paddle shifters are super convenient and help alleviate the need for the driver to take his or her hands off the wheel to shift. While most drivers very likely drive their IS-F using the nothing to think about auto mode, those intense drivers who want to reach high rpms and get maximum torque before shifting, make quick and frequent use of the manuals shifters.  The IS-F is a super fun car to drive around town, on steep, curvy mountain roads or out in the country where there isn’t a lot of traffic.  In the city, I didn’t seem to be able to really unleash the power of the beastly engine. Even in the mountains and on country roads I was greatly hindered by traffic.  Daily I yearned to get this IS-F on the track where I could finally see all that it could really do. As far as electronics go, this model of the IS-F had most of the goodies that Lexus has become known for.  Luxury and convenience features included push button start and stop (you never have to insert your key, which is basically a FOB), power and heated seats in the front, moonroof (I always have to have one of these for optimal driving pleasure), automatic dual zone climate control, one touch power windows, and telescoping and programmable steering wheel that adjusts to your setting when the engine is started. The premium sound system from Lexus is included and it features 13 different speakers and comes equipped with Bluetooth Technology and Sirius Satellite Radio.  The version I drove also had the optional hard disk drive navigation system with backup camera, destination assist and a full suite of apps including Bing, Pandora, Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook Places,, and Sirius XM radio.  The navigation, climate control, audio and apps are all controlled through a very easy to use touch screen display on the dash.  I didn’t personally use many of the apps on the car, as I was able to easily sync up my smartphone, play my own music and use my own pre-programmed navigation. 2014-Lexus-IS-F-interiorMy family really loved this car.  Even though there is not much room in the back, the kids were enthralled by the roar of the engine and how the car was able to hug the road on tight and fast turns.  They also liked the racing style sport seats that sort of mold around your torso.  My fiance also liked the sound of the IS-F, but raved on that it is kind of a incognito sedan / 4 door sports car.  Although it is not quiet, it is quite unassuming and not real flashy or eye-catching - except when it is zooming through traffic or passing lesser equipped vehicles on the highways and byways. As you would probably understand, the Lexus IS-F is built for driving performance and definitely not fuel economy.  It is rated with an overall 18mpg, which is 23 miles per gallon on the highway and only 16 miles per gallon in the city.  When driven like it was meant to be, on a regular basis, my guess would be that the IS-F would have a very hard time reaching that 18mpg rating.  Then again, this car was made to make driving fun and not with economy on the brain. The 2014 Lexus IS-F is the fastest and most powerful car Lexus has ever made.  It is really a car that can probably only be put through it’s proper paces at a racetrack.  Unfortunately, I did not get an opportunity to do that - but I did love driving this car and I’m sure that there are A LOT of Lexus IS-F owners that love driving them every day.  If you want to get one, you may have to act fast.  There do not seem to be many left available, but you can try your local Lexus dealer.  If they have an IS-F available, there may have some deals available between now and September 2nd during their Golden Opportunity Sales Event. 2014 Lexus IS-F 4 door sedan Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price $63,350 With options as driven $67,419   Monroney Sticker Here 2014-Lexus-IS-F-Monroney-Sticker


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