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2014 Toyota Highlander Limited PLT: Super Comfort for City and Highway Driving - Eastside Business Journal

2014 Toyota Highlander Limited PLT: Super Comfort for City and Highway Driving

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2014 Toyota Highlander Limited PLTAuto Review of Toyota’s 2014 Highlander Limited PLT by Joe “The Connector” Kennedy

I recently had the opportunity to drive a 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited PLT and was extremely impressed.  Over 10 years ago, I spent a lot of time driving one of the first Highlanders that Toyota built and loved it, but it has obviously been improved over the years.

One of the first things I noticed is that the V6 engine is super peppy.  I found myself racing around even faster than I do in the BMW I’ve been driving on a daily basis and told myself that I better be careful or that I would be getting a speeding ticket before I had to give it back.  I didn’t get a chance to use it to tow anything, but it sure seemed like it had more than enough power to tow a good size boat or small camper.  It is rated to tow up to 5,000 lbs - more than a ton of towing capacity.


2014 Toyota HighlanderMany of the improvements in the Highlander come through the use of cutting edge technology, but there are notable changes in design as well.  Over the years, the comfort of the Highlander has remained high - but it seems to have become even more comfortable, roomy and user friendly.

Among the technological advances in the Highlander that I found most useful are the use of BlueTooth technology to effortlessly and quickly synch up a smartphone.  My iPhone 5 was synched up in a matter of moments.  I especially liked that whenever I entered the car and started it with the keyless ignition switch that the music from my phone began to play automatically - and when the car was turned off, the music on my phone was turned off.  Super user friendly.

Other tech features that I liked about Toyota’s 2014 Highlander were that there power outlets in the front and back of the car, connections for usb devices, mp3 and auxiliary connection and the super cool touch screen monitor that controls audio, an Entune App Suite with various apps like Bing, Pandora, Facebook Places, iHeartRadio, OpenTable and more.  This monitor also shows the super cool back up camera that automatically comes up when the Highlander is put into reverse.  There is also a neat feature called Driver Easy Speak, which helps passengers in the back participate in conversations with those in the front seats without having to scream and yell.

2014 Toyota Highlander has cup holders IN the doorsExtra smart design features that popped out at me immediately include a multitude of drink holders - including those built into the doors, easy to fold down 2nd and 3rd row seats (which fold down flat for easy storage of cargo) and an extra large center console which is designed to be large enough to hold a woman’s purse - or fit 53 juice boxes.  Perhaps my favorite feature of this model of the Toyota Highlander was the extra HUGE panoramic moonroof, which when fully open makes this car seem like driving a convertible and when the weather isn’t so nice (which happens once in awhile here in the Pacific Northwest) can add natural light from above and help driver and passengers alike actually enjoy the raindrops on the roof.

The 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited PLT V6 AWD model that I drove is rated by the EPA at 20 miles per gallon (18 city and 24 highway mpg).  The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price was $44,450 including a delivery processing and handling fee.  Other versions of the 2014 Toyota Highlander have starting msrp of only $29,215.

Toyota’s 2014 Highlander is a super comfortable vehicle with lots of room and is an excellent choice for both in city and highway driving.

Joe “The Connector” Kennedy is a freelance writer and publisher of various websites including Bellevue Business Journal, Luxury Fitness Fun and Good News Uninc.  He is easily found online - just Google “Joe Connector”.


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