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Your Chance to Do a Good Deed - Eastside Business Journal

Your Chance to Do a Good Deed

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This post first appeared on the site at Good News Uninc

Send Danny Nickerson a Birthday Card

From Robert in Seattle on Facebook:
Just sent the little guy a birthday card today and now sharing this with all my friends!Come on, everyone - Share this on your page too. It's just a card and a postage stamp!  Danny loves Lego and Super Mario too!


Danny Nickerson has an inoperable brain tumor. His mom says he gets lonely since he can't go to kindergarten anymore. All Danny wants for his birthday is some birthday cards since he can read his name now:
Danny's 6th birthday is July 25, if you'd like to send a card or Legos or Super Mario:Danny Nickerson P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA, 02035

Thanks to Robert Lee for sharing this and King 5 TV for the story.


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