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Bellevue Grocery Store - Eastside Business Journal

Bellevue Grocery Store

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I recently was approached by the owner of a local grocery store in Bellevue, who wanted to tell me about some of the good things they have been doing - and to ask if I would help promote a monthly event they've been having.

After congratulating him on his most recent success, I went on to explain that I had helped promote their event last month at - something he apparently did not know.


He also did not know that his local market was not even showing up on a google search for "Bellevue Grocery Stores".  I showed him and then told him I would work to fix that.  Now, less than a week later, they are showing up on the first page on google for those keywords.  (Search is changing a lot with social being a HUGE part of the equation - and that is one piece of knowledge I've been using in creating winning social media strategies.).

When I sent him an email showing him that they were now on the first page of google - and without paying any advertising dollars, he apparently did not remember who I am - or care about the results that I got for them.

It's really too bad that I have not been able to convey the benefit for a Bellevue grocery store to show up on the first page of google results, but I do know that the best grocery stores in Bellevue (and across the Eastside) have a full understanding of this importance.


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