Welcome to the All New EastsideBusinessJournal.com

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Welcome to the all-new EastsideBusinessJournal.com.  We had a lot of great success in the past when we were still publishing a print newspaper, but then 1and1.com (who had been our host for over 5 years) screwed us over and took down all of our sites.  1and1.com cost us thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars in advertising dollars and cost us to lose over half of the 68 domains we had registered there.

Word of warning:  Do NOT use 1and1.com to register your domains or host your websites.  They WILL screw you over - it happened to me.  Learn from my tragedy.

It is interesting that 1and1.com (a German company with US headquarters in PA) is starting to do all kinds of advertising (including television) here in the US.  They are going to regret that they ever took down EastsideBusinessJournal.com two and a half years ago.  It is going to cost 1and1.com greatly.  If you want the worst ever webhost use 1and1.com.

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